Business Focus


Pegasus IBMS has a complete range of IBMS products that cater for small, medium and large scale IBMS projects. Pegasus IBMS products include the Network Control Unit (NCU), Gateway Control Unit (GCU), Fully Self Contained Controller (FSCC), Direct Digital Controller (DDC), Smart Sensor and Web based SCADA HMI software.

Planning and Engineering

Any project begins with a pre-planned unbiased Building Management System which PASB is capable of re-engineering to optimize the overall project cost and increase functionality of the system with the implementation of Pegasus IBMS POA. With the complete range of Pegasus IBMS products and a team of competent and experienced design engineers, BMS projects undertaken by PASB shall always meet and exceed clients’ functional requirements without any compromise in quality and system functionality.

Design, Installation and Testing

The quality of a BMS in terms of reliability and ease of use is always determined by its design and installation practice. PASB has a pool of competent design engineers and installation team to ensure quality delivery. It is the standard operating procedure (SOP) of PASB in the design of a BMS to provide redundancy capabilities such as media redundancy for the 1st tier network (any installation), redundancy of NCU (any hospital installation) and 2nd tier network redundancy for critical applications such as ABSL3 laboratories. For installations, the SOP of PASB is to ensure quality, reliability and minimum interference from or to other installed systems in the same site by using the following materials:-

1. Fiber optic cables are the communication media of choice for the backbones of all BMS networks.

2. All conduits for BMS cables shall be GI metal conduits. The used of UPVC conduits is discouraged due to poor immunity and interference capabilities.

3. All inputs (digital or analog) and outputs (analog) shall use multi-strand screened (shielded) twisted pair cables due to its excellent immunity against interference which increases system reliability and prolongs the life span of controllers. The use of unshielded twisted pair or telephone cables is not advisable.

4. All digital outputs shall use multi-strand copper wire with at least 18AWG in diameter.

5. All BMS enclosures shall meet the IP 55 (IEC 529) standard with a minimum metal sheet thickness of 1.5 mm for body and 2.0 mm for door to ensure excellent protection for the IBMS controllers against mechanical damage, high humidity, dust and electrostatic discharge.

With our in-house SOP, our clients can be rest assured that any BMS system supplied and installed by PASB will have better quality, greater robustness and high reliability. Prior to any BMS handover, a complete functional and 100% test is performed by testing engineers for all I/O to ensure a fully completed and commissioned BMS.

Maintenance and Service

No BMS will function properly day in day out without proper maintenance services. With our local enhancements coupled with Pegasus POA capabilities, the life span of the system is extended 25 years against hardware or software obsolescence. Regular maintenance services are crutial to ensure that the BMS is running properly at all times. PASB has maintenance teams cross Malaysia (PASB HQ (Petaling Jaya) and PASB branch offices (Penang, Kangar, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching) to provide our clients with fast response service at low maintenance service cost.