Pegasus IBMS products for intelligent buildings have been installed in Malaysia since 2000. Owing to the flexibility of the Pegasus product in customization, platform independence (open platform) and being the pioneer in communication protocol object application (POA). POA is the advance drive object-oriented technology which allows any 3rd party devices to integrate seamlessly with either Pegasus Front End Human Machine Interface (HMI) SCADA software, Pegasus Network Control Unit or Pegasus Fully Self Contained Controller into the Pegasus I/O database directly with full control, monitoring and management function capabilities.

With the implementation of POA, all Pegasus IBMS installed at site have at least one or more seamless integration links to 3rd party devices. At present, more than 200 copies of Pegasus IBMS have been installed at sites such as data centers, universities, hospitals, etc. in Malaysia alone.

In year 2007, Pegasus Automation Sdn Bhd (PASB) received the approval to locally enhance the firmware (code) for Pegasus IBMS products to meet the Malaysian market requirements especially for the data center environment as well as sharing cost in the development of the Pegasus firmware. These local enhancement capabilities are part of the firmware (code), involving the area of energy reporting, Service Level Agreement (SLA) reporting, data trending, alarming, scheduling, inventory record keeping, service work order module and POA.

With these local enhancements, PASB is able to provide a more flexible and localized solutions, including higher level of maintenance services, thus increasing the Pegasus product lifecycle for up to 25 years against obsolescence. This in return increases the level of technical competency of PASB in Malaysia in terms of training, system design, implementation and maintenance for Pegasus IBMS.