SIS Smart Immersion Sensor


SIS temperature immersion type transmitter provides a stable, repeatable, reliable and accurate means of measuring temperature in a pipe or tank. The polymer capacitance sensor used in the SIS is not affected by any condensation, high humidity or contaminants present in the measure environment.

Equipped with miniaturized electronics, the SIS sensor is inter-change able, therefore requiring no recalibration at all. Its Sophisticated integrated circuits design provides a fully humidity and temperature compensated 4-20mA-output signal. The SIS enclosure is made of ABS plastic. Its plug and play design enable a rapid & easy installation, hence minimizing installation & maintenance costs.


  • Sensor Element: NTC.
  • Input A/D Resolution: 12 Bits.
  • Sensing Range: Temperature (0 – 100 Deg C).
  • Output: 1 x 4~20 mA, Four-Wire Connection For Measuring Temperature.
  • Interchangeability: The Transmitter (That Are Sensor And Electronic) Is Interchangeable With Other Transmitters.
  • LCD Display: Display Temperature Including Temperature Set-Point Value.
  • Communication: RS-485.
  • Protocol: Modbus RTU.
  • Power Supply: 12 – 24 Vdc.
  • Mounting: Immersion Type Mounted IntoThermowell Pocket.

  • Hardware & Software Specifications

    Power Supply
    12 - 24Vdc
    Power Consumption
    6 VA (including transmitters)
    Input A/D Resolution
    12 bits
    Sensing Range
    Temperature (0 – 100°C)
    Output Signal
    1 x 4~20mA
    ±0.1°C @ 25°C / ±0.2°C (0°C to 100°C)
    Response Time
    10s (still water) / 10s (with pipes 3m/s water speed)
    2 wire RS-485
    Baud Rate
    Modbus RTU
    Surge Protection
    15KV ESD for serial port
    Operating Condition
    0~+70°C / 0-100% RH, non condensing
    Storage Condition
    -20~+70°C / 0-100% RH, non condensing
    Probe Length
    133 mm
    210 g
    110mm x 172mm


    Hardware Dimentions