Pegasus IBMS HMI – SCADA (Supervisory, Control, Data Acquisition, Alarm Management and Time Scheduling) provides comprehensive tools and design-time features to allow engineers to design, construct, deploy, test, backup and restore in a user friendly platform. Using drag and drop features and complete animation templates, the system can be up and running in just few clicks.

Unlike other systems which are still using propriety data storage, Pegasus IBMS has integrated with the powerful Structured Query Language (SQL) provide a secured, robust and easy means to maintain storage being completely simple,open source and virus free, has now been widely used by menu. Pegasus HMI SCADA is also capable of running on Linux OS machines to enjoy these advantages.

The Pegasus Alarm Management module acts as an alarm server which is able to process incoming alarms of industrial standards such as BACnet and the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Processed data is acknowledged via Simple Message Service (SMS), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and also eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

The Pegasus Data Acquisition module provides both interval-based and change-of-value (COV) based data logging. The module has the ability to acquire 3rd party data using industrial standard protocols. SQL is ideal for medium to large scale storage, able to provide years of storage capacity. SQL has a complete tools to perform data backup and system restore.

The Pegasus Time Scheduling module provides normal weekly schedules and also holiday weekly schedules. With multiple daily intervals, the Pegasus system optimizes the running pattern of equipments to achieve cost effectiveness in terms of energy usage.