SVA Smart VAV Actuator


The Smart VAV Actuator (SVA) is an application specific Single Duct VAV controller for controlling temperature in an area served by a VAV box . The SVA adopts the latest VAV technology, thus providing a more flexible control and greater reliability than the traditional VAV Controllers. The integrated brushless constant speed motor used in the SVAcontroller has a much longer life time than the standard brushed motor. The built in air velocity pressure senor has high accuracy AD convertor which allows for an accurate VAV air balancing. External 10k Temperature sensor is available for installation.

The SVA controller contains a library of pre-programmed pressure dependent and independent VAV boxes applications so that no additional user programming is required. To be fully functional, the operator needs to choose the most suitable pre-programmed application, set the SVA device address to ensure device addresses are unique on the same network and set the required temperature, minimum and maximum air flow rate set-points.

The SVA has a very unique automatic integration time process control function that senses the magnitude of the process control variable offset and compares the duration of the integration-time to modulate the control signal, so that any permanent process control variable offset is completely eliminated to ensure optimum building environment comfort and energy usage.

The SVA can be operated as a stand-alone or networking mode and it supports communication speed of up to 76.8k baud which allows rapid access to information within the whole HVAC system.

The SVA can be connected to Smart Touch Screen (STS-SVA) to provide local and remote monitoring / controlling.


  • Built-In Cooling / Heating Temperature Control Function.
  • Built-In Damper Control Function.
  • Built-In Pre-Programmed Application For Single Duct VAV.
  • Set-Point Control and Adjustment.
  • Support One Number of External Temperature Sensors.
  • Support One Digital Input For Monitoring.
  • Support One Analogue Output For Reheat Control.
  • Communication: RS-485 (Baud Rate : 9600~76.8kbps).
  • Power Supply: 24 VAC.
  • Mounting: Shaft.
  • Optional Smart Touch Screen LCD Display.

    Hardware & Software Specifications

    Smart Touch Screen
    Optional (STS-SVA)
    Air Flow
    Yes (Built-In)
    Room Temperature
    Yes (External NTC)
    Digital Input
    Damper Position Feedback
    Damper Control
    (0-100%) Modulating or Floating control.
    Network (Baud Rate)
    RS485 (9600 Kbps).
    Surge Protection
    15KV ESD For Serial Port.
    Power Supply
    24 VAC / VDC (6 VA (plus loads)).
    Operating Condition
    0~+70°C / 0-100% RH, not condensing.
    Storage Condition
    -20~+70°C / 0-100% RH, not condensing.
    Shaft Mounting With Loose Flange.
    Actuator Torque /Positioning Force
    4, 8, 16, 24NM
    Actuator Running Time
    0-90s (programmable)
    3 kg
    175mm(W) x 67.3mm(H) x 100.4mm(D).


    Hardware Dimentions