System Overview

Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) is a unique and universal solution for Building Management Systems which brings benefits when different systems are able to co-exist under the same software platform. ACMV Systems, Electrical Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Lift Supervisory Systems, Security Systems etc. are able to interact together under IBMS solutions.

Each system has its own technology and advantages that serve its specific industry. Applying the IBMS concept, differing systems will provide better management, control and monitoring within a single platform. It also enables data from different systems to be exchanged at real-time which will be beneficial when applied to energy applications to optimize energy usage.

Pegasus IBMS was designed based on the IBMS concept. it allows the system to integrate with other 3rd party systems on the fly by using the POA that it pioneers. The customizable driver – Pegasus Bisys, is able to communicate with any device and system with the provided protocol. A user may monitor and control the system using a user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) in front of a workstation and also a mobile touch screen tab/pad from anywhere – web based.